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Reel River Girls Stories

Below are some stories from River Girls just like you! Hope you enjoy them!

Marin from Portland Marin, 9, Portland Oregon

Hi my name is Marin. I'm nine years old and live in Portland, Oregon. I've been fly fishing for about 2 years now, and this trip was really a memorable one.

My Dad set us up with a guide from The Hook Fly Shop in Sunriver, Oregon. He was a nice guy named Dex who took us to Little Lava Lake. As we pulled the boat in, a deer ran into the lake and we watched him swim across right where we were supposed to fish. So we went to the other side of the the lake and I got my Casting For Recovey purple 8'5" 5 weight with pink real, pink line and purple backing and put on one of my red seal buggers that I tied. It started raining and was really yucky, but I caught this 18" rainbow about 10 minutes into the day.

I had to put on my new rain jacket and waders to stay dry. Then the lighting came and we had to get off the lake. Lighting and a fly rod in a metal boat is not a good mix.

I love tying flies and fly fishing with my Dad and we get to go every year for spring break in Central Oregon and during the summer when school is out.

PS- my favorite fly is a green copper John #12

Emma with her 17 Brown TroutEmma, 9, Seattle Washington
My name is Emma.  Last year when I was 8 years old, I went fishing with my dad.  First we got ready, then we went down to the river.

We almost caught a 20 inch brown trout but it got away as my dad tried to get it in the net.  Then a storm came and we got into the truck.

We saw lighting and it lasted at least 15 minutes.  After the storm ended we went back to the river.

We saw trout eating and with the help of my dad, I cast to it.  The trout ate the fly and I reeled it in.  The trout was a 17 inch Brown Trout. 

We tried to catch more but they weren't hungry so we went home because I was hungry.  I had a fun time fishing with my dad!
The end....Emma.

Morgan, 15, Anchorage Alaska
Morgan and Pudge flyfishing in Kodiak, AlaskaHi I am Morgan. I have been flyfishing for a few years now and I love it. I thought I would tell you a little bit about the picture of Pudge and me. This was the first day of fishing in Kodiak, Alaska. We were at the Olds river. Now I hadn't ever been to Kodiak before this, and let me tell you it was beautiful. The fish that I caught in this photo was one of my first ever Pink salmon. I had a few hits earlier in the day but this was the first fish that I had really set the hook on. It as a fun fight too--a good five or so minutes. That fish would almost be in and then would run again, which is what makes fishing on a fly rod so much fun! But I did finally get that fish in. All and all it was very entertaining. After I caught this fish I caught about four more before the day was finished. We fished for four more days on different rivers and I caught lots more pink salmon and also lots of Dolly Varden char. It was great!

Caroline, 10, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Caroline from South Carolina fishes for troutI like to fish at my grandparents' property near Marion, NC.. The creek is called Armstrong creek it is really pretty and there are a lot of fish in it. Rainbow, brook, and brown trout live there. I like to go the big hole where Rose's Creek runs in to it. There are lots of big fish in that hole. Sometimes I like to swim in the big hole. I like to look under rocks at all the bugs. There are caddis flies, mayflies, dragonflies, stoneflies, and I really like to catch crawdads. I like fly fishing because you are in the woods with the sounds, the smells, and the look of the creek. It is really quiet and dark at night at my granparents' house at the creek. Once we were driving on the road and saw a bear. My dad is always helping me with my fly fishing. I got some lessons from Pudge. I think she likes the creek too. One day we can visit her in Alaska.

Kara, 15, Lafayette, New York
Kara of New York fishing every weekend.I started fly fishing the Delaware river when I was 7-8. My mom dad and I would go to the river maybe every weekend. I find the motion of casting and being in the outdoors so relaxing, it's better that sitting inside and watching TV all day. I’ve been to the Catskill fly fishing camp twice. I even got to teach for the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum. The great thing was that I could have a job doing something I loved. I thank my mom and dad that they taught me something so wonderful.

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