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About the River Girls

Samantha was fishing when she was seven years old

Samantha was already trying out fly fishing when she was seven years old. That is not too surprising when you learn that she lives in Alaska where her mom owns a fishing lodge. Now a teen, she's still one of the most dedicated anglers I know.

"Even though I probably get to fish much more than most girls, it still isn't enough," Sam says. "I don't think it ever will be."

Flyfishing is an exciting sport

Alex first fly fished with her dad in Montana during a family vacation there when she was eight years old. She loved sharing the enjoyment and challenge of catching fish with her dad and has fished with him in many other places for lots of diffrent kinds of fish ever since.

"Flyfishing is really fun to learn, and it's an exciting sport," Alex says. "Give it a try! You won't be sorry."

Blair, flyfishing in Alaska

Blair was fourteen when she first fished with a fly rod. She'd been fishing with a spinning rod up till then, but got introduced to fly fishing during a trip to Alaska where she caught her first fish on a fly rod - a salmon! What a thrill.

"I'd recommend fly fishing to other girls because it is a great way to be outdoors, have some fun, and then walk away with a smile on your face," Blair says.

Alyssa loves fly fishing

Alyssa also caught her first fish with a fly rod when she was in kindergarten or first grade while fishing with her mom. She doesn't remember what kind of fish it was or how old she was. That doesn't matter. It was the special time with her mom that made it all so special.

"You'll love fly fishing," Alyssa promises. "It's very relaxing and challenging. Besides, you'll get a real charge when you catch your first fish!"

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